Wearing a mouthguard whilst playing sport, such as football, basketball, soccor and netball, is very important.

A custom made mouthguard from our dentists is made from an impression of your teeth. It is designed to fit the exact shape of your teeth and jaws making them far more comfortable than any other mouthguard available. A custom made mouthguard is much more effective at absorbing and spreading the impact from any injuries to the face than over the counter mouthguards.

A custom made mouthguard can protect your teeth from being chipped or knocked out. However they also significantly reduce the risk of broken jaws, concussion and a lifetime of costly dental treatment. We recommend the use of a mouthguard whilst training and whilst playing any contact sport or any sport where accidental contact is possible eg netball.


We provide all types of dentures – complete upper and lower dentures, immediate dentures, metal partial dentures and plastic partial dentures. We will also place a denture in on the same day as your remaining teeth are removed (when possible), so you do not have to wait without a smile.

Our dentures are designed by our dentists to ensure the best long term outcome. We assess your teeth before the extra stress of a denture is placed on them. We will give you a realistic idea on the longevity of any remaining teeth so you can make a fully informed decision on what the best options are, before you have your new dentures made.

We recommend a new denture every 8-10 years. As we age the teeth move and our jaw changes shape, however your denture stays the same. This increases the chance your denture will fall out, rub against your gums or teeth causing damage and will make eating difficult and uncomfortable.

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