Our clinic offers both happy gas (nitrous oxide) and penthrox to help make your appointment more relaxing.
Each of our dentists are trained in relaxation techniques and care about your comfort. We can also arrange IV sedation (sleep dentistry) and general anaesthetics.
Happy gas is an odourless gas inhaled through a scented nose mask, during dental treatment. Happy gas is safe for children of any age and adults. Our digital equipment allows the amount of gas delivered to be modified until the dose is perfect for you. Many clinics adopt a “one dose fits all” approach which can mean you are not receiving the right dose for you. Happy gas will make you feel a little sleepy, heavy and very relaxed. After treatment has finished you are given oxygen and can drive within 5-10 minutes without any side effects.
Penthrox is administered via a tube, inhaled through the mouth – like a whistle. The tube is held by you and you inhale as much as you would like as often as you like. Penthrox is a very strong pain reliever which is effective for relaxation.
Ask your friendly dentist what is the best option to help make your experience more relaxing.

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