White fillings-we use the highest quality composite resin for our white fillings. We do also use white GIC (glass ionomer cement) for some fillings. These are both mercury free.
Checkups and cleans :We recommend a checkup every 6 mths to ensure any problems are discovered whilst they are very small. We offer a 6mthly reminder service for all of our patients. Our dentists complete a full checkup of your teeth, gums and an oral cancer check at every examination. Our x-rays are digital ensuring the lowest possible radiation dose. Our cleans are completed with a cavitron ultrasonic scaler for superior stain removal as well as a complimentary polish of your teeth. If you suffer from sensitive teeth we can still achieve a great result using numbing gels, local anaesthetic or happy gas. Let our friendly office staff know when you book your appointment so our dentists can give you the desensitisers you need.
Fluoride treatments: Our dentists recommend the triple action MI varnish for fluoride, calcium and phosphate release directly on to your teeth, MI varnish has been shown to remineralise (strengthen) teeth more effectively than fluoride alone.
Fissure sealants : Fissure sealants are often recommended to prevent cavities, in baby and especially adult teeth. All molar/ back teeth have a groove in the top chewing surface. If this groove is deep, it is difficult to clean the food and germs out of the groove increasing the chance of decay. Fissure sealants are white gels which set hard on the tooth, to stop the food and germs getting into the groove, greatly reducing the chance of decay. Fissures sealants need to be replenished approximately every 5 years.
Extractions: Sometimes teeth are badly broken or decayed and require removal. We always respect your decision to have a tooth removed as an alternative to root canal. Our dentists will always take an x-ray of your tooth to determine the length and curves of the roots of your teeth. We will then discuss with you any risks of removal of each individual tooth. Every tooth in your mouth will have different length and shaped roots and these will be different to your friends or family.
Your tooth will be numbed with local anaesthetic and removed painlessly and as quickly as possible. We provide post extraction advice, pain relief medication and can manage and treat any post extraction complications when they occasionally arise. We also provide an after hours service to make sure you are looked after if any complication arises after extraction.
Root canal: For teeth where the nerve has died, removal is not the only option. Root canals involve a 2-4 step process to remove the dead tissue and germs from inside the tooth.
Our dentists complete root canals on front and back teeth. We use an advanced rotary Nickel Titanium system to remove the germs and a rubber based filler to fill the inside of the tooth after the germs have been removed. After root canal the tooth becomes brittle and our dentists will most often recommend a crown or CEREC one visit crown to reduce the risk of the tooth breaking. Each tooth is different and our dentists are fantastic at answering your questions to help you make a decision about what treatment is right for you.
Emergency Dental Treatment: Our dentists can treat most dental emergencies. We treat all kinds of sporting injuries including knocked out and chipped teeth. We also have an after hours emergency service for weekend sporting injuries. We also treat facial swelling associated with teeth and tooth aches. Emergencies are given priority with priority appointments available daily to see you as soon as possible. Please call as early in the day as possible so we can see you as quickly as possible – we open at 8am.
Cosmetic procedures: We often see people concerned by stains on the teeth or the overall colour of their teeth. There are many options available to improve the colour and shape of the teeth including professional cleaning, tooth whitening, crowns veneers and white fillings. We recommend that you have your teeth assessed by our dentists and we can give you further information about the options available to treat your teeth.

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