Snoring is a common complaint, affecting up to 45% of adults. Snoring can be a sign of airway obstruction or the serious sleep apnoea.
Symptoms of sleep apnoea are:

Loud snoring
Disturbances in breathing during sleep including choking, gasping or pauses in breathing
Waking feeling tired and unrefreshed in the morning
Excessive daytime sleepiness including falling asleep at inappropriate times (at traffic lights) or watching tv
Dentists who have appropriate support and training can organise a sleep study which is examined by a specialist sleep doctor. The sleep specialist will decide what is the best treatment for you, according to your individual history and test results.
Our dentists can provide a variety of appliances that fit over the teeth, similar to a mouthguard, which are worn whilst sleeping. These mouthguards help hold the bottom jaw forward a few millimetres, to stop the tongue falling back and blocking the airway whilst you are asleep. In the right patient these oral appliances can improve the snoring and underlying sleep apnoea.

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